What’s in your cup ?

Greeeeeen machine ! Let’s call this the Incredible Hulk ! Water, Raw ACV, cinnamon, ginger (from my pop & cook), red seedless grapes, clementines, kiwi, agave nectar, and spinach !!!! Yummy

What’s in your toothpaste?

I never paid attention before! I went and checked my mine and look what I found … Sensodyne Pronamel and Crest Complete

Red Lobster Biscuits

A must buy !!!!! These came out just like the restaurant !!! The box comes with biscuit mix and garlic and herb seasoning. All you need is cheddar cheese, water, and butter. It was quick and easy!!! The biscuit mix is mixed with the cheddar cheese and water until it forms into dough. You make…

Shrimp Curry

I gave up meat but definitely couldn’t give up seafood. Tonight I sautéed onion, red pepper, thyme, green pepper, and olive oil. I added Patak’s curry paste to give it that taste of India curry. Then I added water and diced tomatoes. Once this blended I added large shrimp that were raw, peeled, and clean….

Whole Wheat Chocolate and Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Originally posted on Edible Ventures:
I know, I know, 100% whole wheat cookies? How good could they be? Well believe it or not, these are really tasty. In fact, the cookies were so good that my husband and I finished all 3 dozen cookies in one week. Please don’t judge us… But they were so…