About Tangee: I was 27 when I began blogging and now at 35 years old I consider my self to still be evolving everyday. I am a full time mother, partner, social worker, daughter, sister, friend, and more. My interests include all those things connected with healthy living! I am all about positive energy and positive living.

During the day, I am working in the human service field trying to help others through clinical social work. During the evening, I am a mother and wife, constantly making our house a home. During free time and weekends, I am traveling, attending fun events, and/or participating in some fitness activities. My motto is, life is our right so we should live it each an every day. I have many interests parallel to my many responsibilities, but I remind myself daily that balance is the key!

Blogging for me is a place to share my thoughts about healthy living and what I consider it to be as it relates to food, fitness, and fun. I’ve observed this world long enough to know that there comes a time when you have to make changes in order to grow, improve, and enhance your lifestyle and the way you live. My goal is to be healthier through food habits, fitness habits, and even through fun! My goal is to also teach others or guide them where the lessons have already been taught.

All I want to do is give someone else a different way of thinking and overall living. Why eat the same thing every day? Why follow the same routine? Why not go workout?

About the Tangee Taught U site: I first started posting on my Instagram @_____tangee_augustin_____. I realized that my love for photography and scrapbooking shined through in what I started posting. I began changing certain things in my life like opting out of meat and only eating seafood and vegetarian dishes since March 2013. I started learning vegetarian recipes and things about healthy eating. I was eager to try things and even more eager to share.  Friends would ask for recipes or about different events that I participated in and I started to think that Blogging about it all would be a great idea.

I decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons, 1. to share what I know with others, 2. to really participate and be a part of the healthy living community, and 3. to use my talents more asa part of my own self-care. This has become a new hobby for me. I feel inclined to share about a good eats, or health benefit, or events that are happening in the city or around the world.

This blog will feature daily/weekly vegetarian and seafood dishes for you to try and different places to dine. Im intrigued by ways to stay fit, different results, workouts, etc. that has helped me stay as fit as I want to be. This blog will feature different exercises and workouts that a full time working mother can find time to do! This blog will share bike trails, walking trails, etc. Not only do I love to eat and stay fit, but I also love to have fun!!! I am outgoing and adventurous so I make a it a point to venture off and end up at a multicultural festivals, art exhibits, and more. This blog will feature fun places to go for girls night out, family fun, and fun things to do!

The main message I want to send on this blog is that we should all be motivated by life to live life. We all have many responsibilities, but it no longer becomes a burden when you embrace each and make the best out of it!

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  1. Zameer says:

    Peace Tangee, I recently watched a documentary called “Food Choices”…life changing, you can’t watch it and stay the same. The American way is killing us slowly! I am a Writer, and considering blogging. Keep grinding!

    1. I will def look that up and watch! You should definitely blog since your already a writer! Namaste!

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