Q for Quinoa, S for Sweet Potato 

Nom, nom! These two paired together make a happy couple! Packed in fiber, whole grain, and beta carotene… How could one go wrong?! Sooo this was on tonight’s menu in my flat… With a little additions. I truly believe it is a mind thing when people say they must have meat on the menu. If you use the right vegetables and/or fruit you can definitely become full without meat on the menu. I will say my journey of 2 years has hit roadblocks and hurdles. I can be honest and say I have had moments (especially when prego) when I craved meat (primarily chicken) and where I have actually gone ahead and taken a bite out of crime, lol. Hey, we are all human and naturally we all grew up eating meat until we learned the horrors being done to animals or the horrors of mankind injecting chemicals and so many other additives that just do not make it healthy. 

On another note (back to tonight’s meal), veggies and vegetarian dishes make for easy meals. If you have no recipes to make you can always blend together some fresh and some non-perishable items. Tonight was not from a particular recipe I tried but it was from my tastebuds! I love quinoa (prounced Keen-wah) and brown rice blended together. Quinoa is a versatile whole grain with a slightly crunchy texture and light nutty flavor that is used around the world. One cup of quinoa contains 12 grams of whole grain. I use the Near East (fair trade certified) quinoa blend or just bagged quinoa that is rinsed well and then mix it in with cooked rice. For this meal, I used the Near East quinoa and brown rice blend (red pepper & basil), added corn and broccoli and then joined it with a baked sweet potato covered in light brown sugar and organic pure honey. 

This was such a quick meal it really does not call for specific instructions. If you request I will ofcourse edit this and post! 

Here are the types of Quinoa I purchase:

I love buying this for two reasons: 1. This is an easy side or main dish to put together without having to soak the quinoa, etc. 2. I support Fair Trade products. Fair Trade is a global movement that aims to give farmers competitive prices, improved trade terms and incentives to invest i their communities and help protect the environment.

How can you tell if it is a Fair Trade Certified product or has Fair Trade Certified ingredients? Look for these markers on the product. 

Here are some other Quinoa brands I enjoy too. Don’t forget this can be a side, a meal, a salad topping, a stuffing (see my stuffed peppers recipe) and more. Eat colorfully and bold, just as you live. Also remember, foods we eat help balance our energy points! These are healing foods for our chakra… Get your Q&S! Enjoy! 

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  1. gina23181 says:

    I’ve purchased the “Ancient Harvest” brand. I also purchased some from the Bulk Item section at Whole Foods. They actually have black quinoa which was very interesting! http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/department/bulk

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