9 Tips for Losing Weight Successfully

Two Fat Foodies, going for slim

Brussels Sprouts
1. Volumetrics- eat lots of veggies and a few fruits to bulk up your meals and snacks. Fill your plate up mostly with vegetables, a bit of starchy carbs and some nice lean protein like fish, tofu or chicken.
2. Make some very simple veggie soups. Make them in bulk so that you can store them in containers in the fridge.  Do you like tomato soup? I make a very simple one, no cream or anything. Eat a VERY big bowl of simple veggie soup before lunch and dinner, and you will keep you feeling full.
3. Drink lots of tea and water. I know you know this one. I love carbonated water. I like the kinds that have no fake sugars but have just a tiny bit of flavor, like the VINTAGE brand.
4. Weigh yourself every single morning. This might help prevent any…

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