Kids Eat Clean


Childhood obesity continues to be a major topic in today’s society. I myself try to ensure I’m mindful and explain health and wellness to my daughter even though she is only 2! She understands and can identify different foods, especially fruits and veggies. She has had everything from kale to cod fish. It’s all too often parents ensure they are at their goal weights, workout potentials, etc. but forget about the kids. Don’t let schools be totally responsible for children having a balanced meal. Let’s face it… There is a cause right now focused on school lunches … Why ?! Because they know they aren’t healthy, fresh meals. They are canned foods that are stocked up and spread on a child’s tray daily. Please believe I will be packing my daughters lunch once she reaches her school age. The eating clean and eating at home movement came about not just because of adult illness and wellness that is directly connected to fast food intake, but for children who suffer from bullying and criticism because they are overweight. A well balanced meal plus exercise goes a long way and sets the tone for your child from young to adulthood. My mother was a health nut and I was able to be introduced to foods I never heard of or could pronounce. I’m so glad she did because it expanded my taste buds and made me open to other non traditional American foods. Help your child be great. Remember Dr Seuss green eggs and ham? This was our instruction to open up our kids pallet and introduce foods that are healthy, etc. “Try it try it you might like it!”

Here are some articles to read and ingest ….

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