31 Day Detox: Week 3 Reflections 

Week 3 has been awesome. I have really enjoyed trying new recipes each day. This is helping me build even more on my vegetarian dishes for my family. I have loved having a plan for each day that not only outlines what I am eating, but sprititual practices and workout regimens. Remember this detox was focused on lifestyle changes to clear the body of toxins. This means that its more than just about the food. Cultivating balance in your life is key. This detox is centered around the idea that everyone can be their own healer. To be a healer means to be all of our aspects, both physical and non-physical, to appreciate that we are body, mind, soul, and spirit, and to align those aspects. To align means to: 1) treat the body as a temple of the soul, 2) to say what we mean and mean what we say, 3) to express, not supress symptoms because symptoms show you what you already suppress, and 4) to feed and balance all your needs; physical, emotional, spiritual.

So briefly let me recap the New Year, New You: Week 3

Day 15, I woke up and worked out. I have been adding my ACV to water each day to pep up the benefits of my detox water. I drink my water while working out and after and then sip on my breakfast smoothie. I really enjoyed this weeks breakfast smoothie. Imagine basil in a smoothie? Yep, it turned out to be pretty tasty. I wasn’t that much of a fan of the plain avocado smoothie. I prefer my avocado banana one instead. I need a little sweet in there. Nonetheless, smoothies were for breakfast each day.


Throughout the day I practiced mindfulness and deep breathing. I recognize the benefits and have enjoyed encouraging my clients to incorporate in their day to day functioning. For dinner, the Stuffed Yellow Squash with Artichokes was delicious. I will be doing this one over and over again! I actually was introduced to artichokes as a child. My mother used to put it on bread and we would eat as a sandwich. I thought I would have hated it, but I loved it instead. What was new to me about this recipe was the squash. I have cooked with acorn squash and butternut squash but never with delicata squash. I went to Walmart and they did not have them, but good ol’ Wegmans has them. They are pretty small compared what I imagined. The navy beans gave it a nice texture. The meal was perfect for Sunday dinner and very filling.

Day 16, I repeated my morning routine and headed to my office sipping the Avocado smoothie. For lunch I just had a light fruit salad. Once I got home I thought to myself that the Bell Pepper and Ricotta Calzones would be easy, but it was a little challenging. I would recommend using much more pizza dough next time. The filling was hearty so trying to fold the dough and seal was hard. I had a couple where while baking had filling oozing out. None the less it was good. The other trick is to ensure the ricotta cheese is evenly spread over the filling so you can get some with each bite. This was okay, but probably not a recipe I would cook again. If I did I would have to switch it up a bit.

Day 17, I did my morning routine and had my infused detox water (mint, strawberry, and cucumber) throughout the day. I added the ACV to it to help with digestion throughout the day. During the day, I practiced visualization and kept the self-affirming note to self in mind.

Dinner was great. It was a quick and easy fix that I could see myself throwing together from time to time when the time itself is against me. This recipe, Bulgar Pilaf with Tomato and Zucchini turned into Quinoa with Tomato and Zucchini. I could not find Bulgar wheat anywhere. I researched what could be the substitute and quinoa, an all time of fave, was the answer. I went with it and it was delicious.

Day 18, I did my morning routine. While seeing clients, I shared the self-affirming note of the day as it resonated with a lot of what my clients were going through. The key takeaway from it was to “Respect the struggle and pain you have endured.” I try to help my clients recognize that at times our struggles lead to our opportunities whether we like it or not. Dinner was an oldie, but goodie that I have had on the table quite a few times before tonight. Chickpea Vegetable Curry is always a winner. The blend of vegetables with the curry powder plus the raisins and almond to offest the heat is scrumptious. Serving it with cous cous just adds icing the cake.

Day 19, I read my self-affirming note and positive affirmations. The self-affirming note was everything. It spoke to me because I am doing exactly what it said. “If your going to talk about it, be about it. It’s iportant that we learn, teach, and allow our mind, body, and spirit to work together with one another. Follow through. Be who you say you are.”  This blog is living proof that I practice what I preach. I pride myself on not encouraging clients or friends to do anything unless I firmly believe in its benefits. Tonight’s dinner, Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza is another oldie but goodie. My kids love making their own pizza. They usually prefer cheese only or some pineapples. This is something you can always whip up if no complex, fancy recipe is in mind.


Day 20, I woke up with headphones still in my ear from the guided meditation I listened to before falling asleep. I really love going to sleep to a positive, peace of mind. I read my positive affirmation for the day and did my workout. I spoke with my bestfriend and business partner about future goals. Dinner was something different. Tomatoes with a Spinach Stuffing turned out to be good. I forgot to squeeze the spinach so it was juicier than it should have been, but nonetheless tasty. I enjoyed the toasted pine nuts. I am kindof loving adding that to dishes. The featured photo captures this dish best.

Day 21, I did my morning routine and loved the self-affirming note of the day. “When you live in love and light, you will not go unseen. Ingnite the world with every  flame of your being.”  I try to do this through this blog and my practice. I definitely practiced mindfulness. I have been taking my dog on long walks and minfully walking paying attention to all the nature around me. Dinner was light. The Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Fritters  were interesting. I think my blender had some trouble. This dish is best prepared with a food processor, but I made it work. I added sweet potato fries as a side.


Week was awesome. I did guided meditations each night and really spent spare time with reading books that I enjoy.


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