Drink your Inflammation Away!

In previous post I have shared like Take Heed: Ditch Western medicine and Book Share I discussed no longer relying on Western Medicine to heal us. I am still gung-ho about this. After having my second child (2 and done :)), I was referred to a gastrointestinal specialist for severe inflammation to say the least. I was totally shocked because the last 5 years of my life since having my first child have probably been my healthiest; part of one of the reasons I even started this blog was to share my healthy eating habits from home.

I was upset, but the specialist told me that I was in fact very healthy and that what I was experiencing impacts thousands of Americans without any cause or cure each year. As expected, I was prescribed medications that when I researched my perception read, “this will some day kill you.”  I began my own research to determine how to control the inflammation and limit my use of the prescribed medication. I prefer a more holistic approach because its just more natural and in plain terms I can understand how its not manufactured, but how its grown. I now just pay attention to what I eat and drink carefully.

I try to focus on foods that are anti-inflammatory agents. Since I love infused water I put together a new concotion to drink my inflammation away.

This infused water includes:


I chose this particular blend because of the health benefits of each herb and fruit. Previously Ive shared about the benefits of Strawberries, Ginger root, and the use of mint and lemon in my Infused water !!!Lemon Water, and Drink up! post. Today I just want to share about why I have addded Sage to the mix.

Sage, is the “sister herb” to rosemary. According to one of my favorite sites, The Worlds Healthiest FoodsSage has been held in high regard throughout history both for it culinary and medicinal properties. 

Organic Facts asserts that, out of the many health benefits of sage, some of the most important include its ability to improve brain function, lower inflammation throughout the body, prevent chronic diseases, boost the strength of the immune system, regulate proper digestion, alleviate skin conditions, increase the health and strength of bones, slow the onset of cognitive disorders, and prevent the onset of diabetes.

Here is an at a glance breakdown of the Health Benefits of Sage:


Do you experience inflammation? How do you find relief? What foods have been helpful to you?


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  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    I would like to know we’re to go to git the ginger root and natural herbs

    1. Suprisingly I get my ginger root right from the local produce section in Kroger, Martins, or whole foods. Even Walmart carries it. Also, try your local farmers market.

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