Prepping to Save Time & Money

Do you ever find yourself leaving your house and heading to work only to realize you have no lunch or no money come 12 noon? Welp, I do. I have recently realized that prepping is much needed in my life. Being a full time, working mother almost requires it. For those not in the helping profession, being a social worker can be a struggle. This profession is more about outcomes versus income. Due to the little monies made, I can not afford to eat out everyday. I often envy my coworkers who get delivery or head out for lunch. I have come to accept the fact that at this day and age, I can not afford to eat out. I have to budget accordingly. Budgeting means purchasing enough groceries so that I can pack a lunch and take to work with me. On another note, eating at home is healthier anyway.

If you noticed in my previous post Mini Mason Jars, Infused water !!!,  I love infused waters and I think I love using the Ball® Glass Mason Jars even more. Well upon realizing that I needed to prep, I realized I already had what I needed.

Ball® Glass Mason Jars are perfect for fresh preserving recipes such as salsas, syrups, sauces, fruits and vegetables. I have been able to slice fruits and prepare salads that I can easily grab and go when off to work in the morning.

The great thing about the mason jars is that you can store in the refridgerator or the freezer. I love a nice smoothie in the morning, but honestly I dont have the time on most days. However, I have been able to make smoothies at night and then freeze. When I am ready to use I simply take out the night before to thaw and in the morning its all ready for me to have smoothie for breakfast.


I did learn that when storing certain fruits like cut apples and pears they tend to brown so there are certain tricks that you have to do in order to avoid this. You can submerge the cut fruits in water first and add a dash of salt, but you have to rinse before eating to avoid the salty taste. Another is submerging the cut fruits in water and adding lemon, however this may not be my go to moving forward after reading an article from They tested different methods on how to avoid browning and using lemon turned out to speed up the browning process. Go figure!


This chart below from the Fresh Preserving Shop has been very helpful. This will help you when trying to decide the best jar for you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.05.28 PM
Now for more intense prepping for complete dinners throughout the busy week I recommend the The Pioneer Woman method. My mother DVRs almost all of Ree Drummond’s shows from the Food Network. One day she shared with me The Kit and Caboodle  episode where Ree shares how to create meal kits for the entire family. The four recipes she shows look amazing. I love making stuffed peppers  so I’ve already taken her advice and prepped for that one day and it did make things much easier when it was time to make! I have to now do it with all my meals during the busy work week. The key is planning out what your meals will be the weekend before.

I will update you all soon on how this goes in the upcoming months. First, I really need to go grocery shopping, but stock up from Costco in order to avoid going to the store 2 times a week. I am secretly waiting for the new Wegmans being built by my home to open :).

Do you prep? How do you save time in the morning? What are some fast meals to create for breakfast at home and lunch at work?

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