Green Mornin’ Machine


A great way to start your day is with fruits and veggies. I love going green in the morning. Instantly you get the energy and boost you need to start your day. If you have a blender then your one step ahead. Add any of your fav fruits with spinach or kale to a blender plus some water and Ice and your on your way! I have the Living Well all in one contraption and love it. Today I added banana, orange, mango, plum, and spinach leaves! A. smoothie serves as a snack to help get you through the day, or can be used to replenish energy and nutrient stores after a tough workout. In addition to their virtually limitless versatility, smoothies allow you to consume several servings of vegetables and fruits in one sitting. A smoothie made with banana and spinach provides your body with several essential nutrients, and offers a number of health benefits. Today I’m getting my Vitamin K, A, and potassium all in one cup. Try it!

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  1. nbuchan says:

    Love starting the day with a greens smoothie. Great recipe ideas too.

    1. Yes, and they say that once a week we should just juice and drink smoothies to help our bodies metabolism.

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