Mommy’s Mojito

I have a thing for mojitos! Surprisingly, my mother is the one who put me on to this minty, delightful drink. I went to visit her and being the host she is she made my dad and I mojitos! They were so good, I had to go home and get all the ingredients and try it myself. I added my own touch to it and since I am a mother now and found it to be my escape after putting my little munchkin to bed it’s been named, Mommy’s Mojito!!! 

Recipe Instructions 


1 Bunch of Fresh Mint Leaves (Kroger and Martins Usually has available)


Club Soda

White Rum (I use Barbancourt, Product of Haiti)

Sugar Syrup (1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water)



Note: Remember this is my version of mojito. I do not use any added Mojito mix, just fresh ingredients. All ingredients should be added to fit your taste. 

1. Prepare your sugar syrup first. Boil 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar for 20 minutes. Let cool until it becomes a thick syrup.

2. Squeeze a lime for lime juice in the mortar and pestle with fresh mint leaves. Grind the mint leaves into the juice and set aside.

3. Now layer your glass with the ingredients.  First, add ice.  Second, add your mint from the mortar and 2 shots of white rum (use a shot glass or shooter to measure).  Third, add lime juice from your lime, throwing it in the glass after. Fourth, add sugar syrup. Fifth, add club soda. Mix with a straw and sip away.


P.S. Check out these books my mom gave me as well! I love her, lol. Seriously, these are really neat  ideas when hosting a shindig at your house, celebrating a birthday, or having a sweet evening with your mate. The good thing is you can use your own brands and ingredients and alter recipes found to meet your healthy eating needs.


Here is where you can find these:

  1. Shotsicles by G&R Publishing Link:
  2. Drunken Desserts by CQ Products Link:
  3. Booze Infused Cakes by CQ Products Link:

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