Today is my start to blogging! I am learning how to design my page and add content that I want to share with all my viewers. I am learning and trying to figure this all out. Soon I want to have this mastered and begin focusing on the purpose of this blog which is to highlight healthy food, fitness, and fun.

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  1. Gina Powell says:

    This is a work of art! I am so proud of you Tangee! I love you! Mom

    1. Thanks, but I can’t wait until I have it fully loaded.

  2. Melanie Johnson says:

    Im tuned in….. !!

    1. I love my friends !

  3. Melanie Johnson says:


  4. Congrats Tangee!!! Can’t wait to embrace all you have to teach! 😘

    1. Love you thanks for your support!

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