Tangee’s Tagine

Gift from my mom! My new cookable Tagine, cookable clay used to slow cook savory dishes and stews. A few years ago my mom and I decided we weren’t cooking a Thanksgiving meal all over again for Christmas dinner. We started a family tradition. Every year we choose a different culture and create dishes inspired by the culture’s traditional cuisines. Over the last few years we have had Christmas Mexican, Asian, Indian, Caribbean, West Indian, and Italian style.

This year is Moroccan style- our Cookable Tagine was a must to bring out the Moroccan meal flavors. If your not too familiar, let me explain. Tagine or Tajine is Arabic for a dish that is named after the vessel in which it is cooked in. This vessel, the Tagine, is ideal for slow cooking at low temperatures on the stovetop (gas or electric). Cooking in clay is said to greatly enhance the flavor and preserve more of the nutritional value of cooked foods. Just like cast iron pots it must be seasoned before use.

I’m excited to use this type of cookware this year. It’s so interesting learning how different cultures eat and the methods they use to cook their meals. Last year we chose Japanese. We made our own sushi and that was quite an experience. I’m thrilled about trying new recipes that will be prepared in the Tagine. I read this article that is helpful if you want to learn more. It’s called Tagines: What are they and How to Cook with One.

Here’s pictures of a few of the recipes we plan to make this Christmas…

Has anyone else used a Tagine ? Any great recipes you know of? Leave comments below.

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  1. I must say, You’ve got lovely tagine cookware.

    1. Thank you! Can you believe we got them
      From Amazon- my new bestfriend!

      1. Pleasure is all mine. Amazon never fails to surprise us.

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