Mall Walkers & Bikers: Easy Does it

Today I started my day off around 7:00am. I hopped on my bike and instead of going right today, I went left. A friend of mine was telling me how they do a few laps by looping around the mall a few times. What came to mine was, so your a “mall biker.” I couldn’t stop but reflect on when I was younger.

At age 14, I started working at Chick-fil-a in Patrick Henry Mall. When we would start “opening shifts” it was usually 1-2 hours before all the actual shops in the mall opened. The mall itself was opened to the public before stores actually opened. I began noticing people already in the mall, but just walking. I was young and did not really get it. I remember asking about what they were doing. Someone told me, “their mall walkers.” I was still kindof wondering why they decided to walk the mall. As I got older it made perfect sense. The mall is an easy place to get in low impact exercise. When you really think about it the people who do this are making a smart move. It’s indoors and beats paying for gym membership for access to an indoor track. 

Today I was compelled to research this phenomena further. It’s amazing what I found. There are actually formal mall walking programs. There are resource guides that are available online just about mall waking. The Center for Disease Control has a Program Resource Guide for Mall Walking. Right here in RVA Regency Square Mall has a Mall Walkers Program. You can call your local mall and ask customer service if they have a formal mall walking program. Prevention is a website that has 20 of the Most Common Questions asked about mall walking. Most of mall walkers are middle-aged to older adults, but from what I’ve read it is open to every walk of life. The mall helps those who can not enjoy a walk outdoors due to allergies or those who need to walk daily but inclement weather is a barrier. Mall walking also can be a safety precaution in some areas where neighborhood streets are not the most favorable option to walk.

Now at age 30, I guess you can say I’ve become a “Mall Biker.” This morning I observed a number of people on bikes looping around the mall. This is not as popular as Mall Walking as I didn’t find any references online to this so you can say I’ve coined the term for now for this. I personally prefer exercising outdoors and being outdoors period. Early in the morning traffic is low on the weekend and since the mall doesn’t open until noon on Sunday’s, today seemed like a perfect day. In total, I rode by bike around the mall 6 times and averaged 12 miles! A few days ago I tracked my ride with my Map My Ride app and in going around only 2 times it was 5.19 miles. I say all this to say, this can be an easy way to build endurance and have an easier route to follow. My goal is to enhance my endurance and build muscle strength so I can begin riding long distance trails and bike routes. Mall Biking may be key for a beginner cyclist. Today we will stamp the term, “Mall Biker.” I may just contact the local mall and see if this is something they would be open to or have been approached about.

On another note my feature picture is me wearing my Adidas. These have become my favorite walking and bike riding shoes. They are extremely comfortable. These are Adidas Women’s Lite Racer Black Casual Slip-On Sneaker. They are actually in the Adidas comfort athletic shoe category. Check them out on the Adidas online store and even on Amazon

Have you ever mall walked? Do you bike? Leave a Reply and share what you do for physical fitness. 

Happy Mall Walking & Biking! 

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