Boca Tostados

Got beef? Welp, I have Boca! I really love Boca veggie crumbles. I have tried the MorningStar veggie crumbles and the texture just doesn’t work for me. Boca almost makes me think I’m really eating ground beef minus the fatty grease. I have made shepherds pie, baked ziti, spaghetti, and more using Boca veggie crumbles instead of ground beef. It wasn’t hard converting to being a Pescatarian when I did about little over a year ago because I had already given up beef. I was just still eating chicken. I don’t miss it as much as people want you too. I swear you get offered meat as if it’s candy once people know you don’t eat it.

Anyhoo, tonight I made Boca Tostados. I said let me switch taco night up by using the flat Tostados as oppose to soft or hard shells. Pictures say it all, but I simply cooked the crumbles as instructed then added water and taco seasoning mix. I topped the Tostados with the boca crumbles and cheese and baked at 350 until cheese was melted. I topped each with cilantro and green leaf lettuce (I realized next time I just can use cilantro and no lettuce at all), salsa, and sour cream. I made plantains on the side as I think they work with everything. Unfortunately my avocados weren’t ripe but I def stress the importance of avocado at any taco night — how can you not have it?

Try it out!



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