Whole Tilapia


His and Hers dinner for two!!! I enjoyed this but not to fond of all the bones this fish has!!! I am a salmon girl but I like tilapia here and there. I made cuts in these and stuffed them with garlic, lemon, peppers, and seasoning! I baked with a homemade Haitian spice layered over them with onions as well as tomato sauce! It was good but again bones are not my thing. Living the life of a Pescatarian hasn’t been hard at all. Seafood comes in so many forms it’s hard for me to get tired of it! I had calamari the night before and now thinking about sushi! Lol. What I do know is that eating at home saves me lots of money rather than overpriced seafood places we all know of. Fresh seafood that is wild caught is the best if you do indulge.

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