31 Day Detox: Week 2 Reflections

I am so happy that I decided to design this detox. Yesterday, made day 15! We are half way through the 31 days already. I must say I have enjoyed each meal to the fullest. Because I am a disciplined person having the meals and everything outlined and structured really has made my days easier and kept me sticking to it every step of the way. I love prepping on Sundays and already knowing whats for breakfast and what’s for dinner. By the time I get home I pull out my prepped items or depending on the items I prep them ahead and then begin to heat up the kitchen! Remember all of the recipes are from 3 in 1 Vegetarian Cookbook (Favorite Brand Name 3 Books in 1) (majority are from this cookbook)Goddess Body Inc., and The Vegetarian Cookbook by Reader’s Digest

So briefly let me recap the New Year, New You: Week 2

Day 8, I woke up bright and early, read my self affriming notes, and reviewed my positive affirmations, and did a gym workout on the elliptical. I have loved spending early mornings in the gym. It has really been wonderful starting my day after a high impact workout. I feel refreshed and energy. I feel like I am ready to save the world, lol. Following the gym, I took a longer shower and did the shower meditation. It felt amazing. When I started my day I had the Avocado Banana smoothie (my #1 favorite now) and made sure to have healthy snacks for while in my office. I really stayed true to drinking infused waters. It is amazing how you feel when your eating healthy, working out, and just in general maintaining positivity. I feel light as a feather and fully empowered. Once I got home I was sooooo ready to whip up the Spring Vegetable Ragout. I loved this recipe. It was light and fresh. It’s funny because the past weekend had snowed and this Springy dish almost teased up because I am so ready for spring to come forth. 


Day 9, I woke up and hit the gym. I did the TempleRecon morning exercise. I took shower while listening to calming meditation music. Before starting my day fully I read a positive affirmation and Alex Elle’s self affirming note for day 9. It was, “Continue to walk and in your purpose. Allow God to guide your footsteps and positivity will lead your thoughts.” This really resonated with me. I have truly been being more emotionally, mentally, and physically aware of my thinking, my feeling, and my overall being. I have always been a big fan of positive energy, but in most recent years I have been able to recognize the benefits. Things continue to fall into place when I remain positive, aware, and open minded. As I headed to work I had my Super Green Smoothie which was very good. I am happy I incorporated different smoothies each week. It keeps it exciting. 

During the day I was able to do the visualization and even invited clients I work with to participate as well. Visualization along with guided imagery are relaxation techniques that are soothing and calming. It is important to include self care not just on a yearly vacation mode but instead as part of our daily routines. Dinner was heavenly. I love Qunioa so this  Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables hit the spot. I also found a new easy way to eat vegetables or to include with meals. I really like roasting. It’s quick and easy and doesnt fry away or boil over the nutrients that the veggies are intended to give you. This recipe though was on the spicy side. I recommend to measure exactly amount of red pepper needed rather than using the eye alone to measure. 


Day 10, I woke up early and set out for the gym. I did the TempleRecon exercise and some elliptical. I have really sticking to the routine and reading my self affirming notes and positive affirmations. Positive affirmations gives you the positive force to heal in areas that you probably dont recognize you need to. I read affirmations daily and hold onto them because it almost always seem like during the day of I can apply to various situations I may be faced with. I often encourage clients I work with to use to guide their day as well. If you struggle with self-esteem or motivation, this is a good tool to use. I enjoyed my smoothie for breakfast and infused water. This week I did a citris blend by add lemons and oranges. This combination helps with immune defense, digestion, and heartburn.


I was able to do the progressive muscle relaxation right at my desk in my office. This is something that really helps you become aware of tension versus relaxation. I curled my toes and focused on my shoulders. It was a nice break in between my sessions with clients. I was loving what was on the menu because I love curry meals.  The Lentil Rice Curry was really good. I loved using cauliflower versus meat. I really am becoming a cauliflower fan. First the Cauliflower Mac and Gouda from New Year, New You: Week 1 and now this. I sold! Lentils are always a good tine too. This meal was Quick and Easy. 

Day 11, I woke and worked out. I read the self affirming notes and def reminded myself to continue setting firm limits and boundaries instead of overextending myself. In 2017, I am doing more things that protect my space. This means that if I can not do something or do not want to do something – I wont. We have to remember that WE are in control of the things that happen to us or that dont happen to us. I love being me and being free. During the day I practiced the Autogenic relaxation. This was right on time because Autogenic means something that comes from within you! I felt so centered and focused this week because I really incorporated all that outlined in the New Year, New You: Week 2 guide. During the day I had leftovers from Day 10 and snacked on delicious bananas with almond butter, sliced almonds, and agave nectar. This was a delicious snack that I def have on repeat! 


The Mediterranean Torta is the featured image for this post. This was a favorite this week. I wasnt sure of how it would taste when I looked at the ingredients, but I must say after actually tasting it – it was delicious. Not only was it delicious it did not take long at all. I loved the crunch from the french onions but the mediterranean taste really came from the roasted pepper and olives. This pic depicts the one torta that gives 4 servings believe it or not. Because it layered, a piece is pretty thick and filling. 


Day 12, I did my morning ritual as  I should probably now call it. When I read the self-affirming note, “Thank yourself for evolving. Praise yourself for being resilient. Lover yourself through the trying times. Congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come. Keep sowing seeds of peace and continue to journey faithfully in your truth.” I felt it was right on time. We have to remember that we are something magical. The journey for me is only getting better and it will for you too. When we raise our standards the universe meets us there. The break I outlined for today was to read a book you have not finished yet. In 2017, I am reading more. I created a booklist and have gotten almost all the books on my list. I have been between 3-4 books reading each depending on mood. I am reading some for spiritual growth (Chakras and Archetypes) and some for professional growth (Mindfulness for Bipolar) as I incorporate holisitc measures within my practice. For lunch I had toast with avocado and tomatoes. This is a light and healthy lunch meal. 

img_1226Dinner was great. I love stuffed peppers so I was ready for Roasted Peppers Stuffed with Yellow Squash and Rice. Peppers are good for us especially the red ones. Be sure to read my previous post Pep it up! 

Day 13, I had a great morning and was pumped up to start my day. As I outlined in the guide, I called my bestfriend and we talked about our goals. It is important that we spend time with those who make us better, those who want to see your grow, those who see the greatness in you, those who are good for your mental health, those who are inspired, excited, and grateful, and most importantly those who force you to push yourself up a level. I had a long day, but when I got home I looked forward to drifting off into cooking. Cooking has become so much more than just making a meal. I really take my time and see it as MY time. It is healing for me. I love to create, but dont have the space or alone time to do it with crafts, but I can def do it with food. Here’s to those Pesto Lasagna Rolls. I love pasta and I love fresh basil. I will be making this over and over again, trust me.

Day 14 was a great day. I woke up and worked out. I walked my dog and it felt really good when I reached my 10, 000 steps early in the day. I have a fitbit and love it. In addition to the TempleRecon morning exercise I have been really trying to walk and move as much as I can. I also realized that my sleep patterns have been awesome. I do guided meditatons or calming meditation music before bed every night. Even when I am tired I lay flat and play the sounds aloud or with m headphones. The last few nights when I wake up the headphones are somewhere in the bed and the meditation is still playing. The fitbit shows me that I have been sleeping fully with less restless moments.


Sesame Ginger-Glazed Tofu with Rice was on the menu for the night. If you have been following my blog you see I love tofu so this recipe was familar to me. I was able to whip it up in no time. Remember when making tofu you must sit it out before hand to allow the access moisture to be removed. I always wrap it up with paper towels and put heavy plates or cutting board over top of it to help the process. img_1575

Week 2 was great and I am ready for Week 3… are you?

And remember …


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