New Year, New You: 31 Day Detox

As we venture in to the New Year we have the chance to create New Year resolutions, reset, refresh, and herald into new beginnings. I’ve decided to detox the 1st 31 days of 2017 to release habits that are no longer serving me, cleanse, restore balance within, enhance mental clarity, and vibrate higher.  

So let’s highlight what a detox is. Many people immediately believe that a detox is similar to fasting where you may not eat at all or just drink liquids. A detox is merely when a person eliminates toxins from the body. This can be done in a number of ways. Toxins are thought to accumulate in the body over time and are thought to be damaging to the nervous system. This can impact our mental health in addition to our physical body. 

Toxins come from processed foods, air pollution, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, caffeine, and alcohol. Toxins to me also are things or behaviors that limit you. I believe that the best way to purify (or “cleanse”) the body is by taking time to detox. 
I have a pretty healthy diet and daily routine, but there are certain things I want to center my focus on for this detox. 

This detox will include eliminating the following:

  • Seafood. We are considered pescatarian because although our eating habits are primarily vegetarian dishes we eat salmon from time to time. 
  • Decaf drinks. I tend to drink decaf coffee and tea on a daily basis. Remember decaf drinks still have a level of caffeine. I want to eliminate for this detox and only rely on my infused waters or fruit smoothies to start my day. 
  • Days without spiritual practices. Some days are busier than others. During these times I will admit falling short in practicing things that make me feel whole, make me feel relaxed, and that make me feel centered. Detox will mean not deviating from the things that empower me.
  • More than 2 days without exercise. Due to daylight savings, nights come quicker than I would like. This has caused my bicycling to be put off. Detoxing will mean not doing this. 

This detox will include the following routine:

Stay tuned for the week by week list of meals and uploaded grocery list for each week. This is totally a detox that I want you to join in on! I’ll be posting daily. 

Here is a sneak peak of the Breakfast smoothies:

1. Creamy Banana Smoothie

2. Strawberry Goddess Smoothie

3. Super Green Smoothie

4. Blackberry Basil & Chia Smoothie

5. Avocado Smoothie

6. Avocado Banana Smoothie

7. Veggie Milk Smoothie

8. Orchard & Vines Smoothie

9. Orange Berry Avocado Smoothie

10. ‘Num Num’ Smoothie

Here is a sneak peak of some of the primary detox meals:

1. Stuffed Yellow Squash with Artichokes

2. Vegetable and Tofu Gratin

3. Mediterranean Torta 

4. Roasted Peppers stuffed with Yellow Squash and Rice 

5. Spring Vegetable Ragout 

6. Winter Squash Risotto

7. Black Bean Flautas with Charred Tomatillo Salsa

8. Sesame Ginger Glazed Tofu with rice 

9. Four pepper Black Bean Fajitas

10. Pesto Lasagna

11. Mu Shu Vegetables

12. Bell Pepper and Ricotta Calzones

13. Bulgar Pilaf with Tomato and Zucchini 

14. Barley and Pear stuffed Acorn Squash 

15. Italian Eggplant with Millet and Pepper Stuffing 

16. Quinoa with roasted vegetables

17. Lentil Rice Curry

18. Cauliflower Mac and Gouda 

19. Pesto Lasagna Rolls 

20. Chickpea Vegetable Curry

21. Thin-Crust Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza 

22. Tomatoes with a Spinach Stuffing 

23. Spiced Carrot and Chickpea Fritters

24. Eggplant Rolls 

25. Roasted Vegetable Tart 

26. Sun-dried Tomato Chickpea Sandwich with sweet potatoes fries.

27. Tomato Wraps

28. Pad Thai with Sauce

29. Firsta Wraps

30. Curried Vegetable Medley

31. Loaded Salad 

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  1. tivamoo says:

    OMG you must be so proud of yourself when you finish it!

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